I have just passed the 900 page mark in my 1200 page copy of David Copperfield by Charles Dickens.  I am experiencing a slight lull in the grip of the plot – I am not as compelled to power through chapter after chapter as I was through much of the first half of the book, but this just may be due to severe tiredness and work overload on my part.

I know Dickens is renowned for his stunning characterisation and this is probably the aspect of David Copperfield I love most.  I find myself instantly sympathising, empathising, opposing, despising or whatever emotion Dickens is trying to instil in us from the first line of description or speech on or from each character. They are all unique and I think this is key to my love of this novel so far (although I do have to say that Dora is really annoying me at this point – am I hard hearted and intolerant??!)

Ideally, I would love to finish this book by next weekend but I am not sure how much work I will be getting (exam season is on the way 😦 ) but hopefully if I don’t finish I’ll be nearly there.  Coming up next I expect to read some more modern lighter stuff before enjoying some Bronte around the Easter Holidays.

Oh, and if you haven’t read this book then do! It is (so far) unforgettable and a pleasure to read.