I am usually busy on Fridays with sport and socialising, so I have decided it will be my day for a quick summary of what’s going on in my bibliosphere (?!) and maybe a bit of general information about my week.

Right, so I am currently reading David Copperfield and I hope to get it finished this evening or early tomorrow; a post should be up some time at the weekend.  I am excited about this as it will count towards both the challenges I am currently participating in – The Victorian Challenge 2012 and The Classics Club.

Talking of The Classics Club, I have written up a rough list of about 50 classic novels/plays which I would like/think I need to read, and I am going to make the final decisions, officially join over at A Room Of One’s Own and put up my list on here this weekend.

In other news, I got one exam result back this week and did very well (we had a nice celebratory family meal out as both my sister and I did well) and found out that I will probably have 18 exams in the summer exams period!! :S I expect reading will be the only thing keeping me going around May/June!

Anyway, I hope you’ve all had a good week and have read some great books – let me know (especially if they are classics) as it will soon be too late to change my list for The Classics Club