Yes, I do realise that it’s Sunday and not Friday today, but I am doing my weekly wrap-up today as I am off on holiday tomorrow and it seemed more fitting to give you all an update just before I go.

WOO!  A holiday!  We are going to Vienna for 6 days tomorrow and (as you maybe can tell) I cannot wait.  It is going to be so nice to get away for a while – I have been doing lots of revision for my exams and need a break.  Granted, I am going to take some with me, but I need to get away from my desk!

I am not totally sure what we have planned for our time in Vienna – seeing all the sight, no doubt – but I can reveal that we are going to the Wiener Musikverein (where they hold the Vienna New Years Day Concert) for an evening of Mozart, Debussy and a little Schoenberg.  It should be a really nice evening.

I am also quite excited about just being in Austria, because my sister and I both learn German at school and my Mum is a German teacher!  My Dad did A-level German too, so we are trying to speak as little English as possible while we’re in Vienna.

In terms of reading, I am not sure how much I will get done, as I usually read quite voraciously during holidays, but I will probably spend most of my free time working…so we will see.  I am taking Emma (which I am enjoying so far) and The Shadow of the Wind, but I am not sure whether I will finish Emma or not.  I am hoping to come back with a German book or too as well!

I am not taking my computer so I definitely won’t be posting lots, but if there is a bit of internet around I will be tweeting and possibly doing a small post here and there to let you all know what I’m up to and how Emma is going.

Have a good week everyone!