What is going on in my bibliosphere at the moment?

Well, I am currently reading Emma by Jane Austen and enjoying it, but savouring it rather than rushing through it.  This is because school has exploded!  I have never had so much work to do – I come home and do work all evening pretty much every day!  It is rather depressing and means I get so little time to do any reading or blogging or anything.  All subjects are panicking about the exams starting very soon and setting more and more work for us to do at home.  Hopefully, this will clear up soon and I can actually start focussing on revision.

I am about two-thirds of the way through Emma, so I probably won’t get round to finishing this week, but if I do, I’ll be moving on to The Shadow of the Wind, which I have on good recommendation.

I hope you’re all well and not as stressed and overworked as I am, have a good week!