What is going on in my bibliosphere at the moment?

Hello everyone, I have now completed my third week of exams and I had two this week.  They were both ones I wasn’t too worried about and they went well so that’s good.  A week off for half term now is very welcome.

Here is a bit of a breakdown:

  • GCSE Exams: 4 / 14
  • AS Level Exams: 4 / 4  FINISHED!
  • GCSEs done this week: Latin Language
  • AS Levels done this week: Critical Thinking

I have finished all my AS exams which is great as I am taking a few early and they were getting in the way of my GCSEs.

Now for the books!  My read a bit revise a bit system is still going very well and I hope it continues.

This week I finished The Girl Who Played With Fire and really enjoyed it, despite it being a re-read. I would recommend seriously recommend the Millennium Trilogy to anyone who hasn’t read it yet!

I am currently reading Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, which is also a re-read for me.  However, I seemed to have missed out on absolutely everything apart from the basic story the first time I read it!  I am enjoying reading about Pip and Miss Havisham again.

On a challenge-based note, I have signed up to The Literary Classics Reading Challenge (my post is here) as it fits in with the other challenges I am involved in really well.  I would recommend you take a look as it is very relevant to members of The Classics Club too.