Title: Mockingjay

Author: Suzanne Collins

Date Finished: 30/06/12

Re-Read? : First time read

Challenges? : No

Overall: 4/5 – rather good

This post is probably going to be relatively short, as I don’t want to just echo what I wrote about the other books in this series – The Hunger Games and Catching Fire.  In retrospect, I should have probably waited and written one big post on the whole trilogy.

I have to say first of all, that I didn’t enjoy this book as much as the first two, which is odd because I really thought I would.  It didn’t grip me in the same way for some reason.  I did read it quite quickly, but a lot slower and less compulsively than the first two.

The plot was slightly disappointing to me.  Don’t get me wrong, it was still shocking and exciting, but there weren’t as many completely unexpected twists and turns as in the first two.  Also, I found myself able to quite easily predict what was going to happen, again unlike the other books.
I think that the main reason I didn’t read this book so obsessively was that there weren’t any actual ‘Hunger Games’ which are what kept me constantly reading the first two books.  I know Collins tried to make the penetration of the Capitol like the Games, but it just wasn’t the same.

I really didn’t like the ending of this book and after I stayed up way too late finishing it, I certainly felt a bit deflated.  It just seemed so unfair to end that way after such an eventful book.  It almost seemed like a cop-out and I’m still not sure why.

The characters were still pretty good – Katniss did seem a bit whiny especially in the first few chapters and definitely the last couple but the twist with Peeta was brilliant.

All I have said about the readability of Collins’ prose still stands – see the other posts.  Also, I liked the way we got to see a bit more into some different areas – 13, the Capitol etc.  It made it much more interesting than to just read about District 12 again.

This post does seem quite negative, but confusingly I awarded Mockingjay 4/5.  This is because I did read the book quickly and I did enjoy it; it was just too hard not to compare it to the (brilliant) first two books.  I still would recommend the whole series to anyone and I cannot wait to finally see the film.