Hello everyone…good news!!

Yesterday it was results day in the UK and I was collecting all my GCSE results (I’m sure you remember the rather numerous amount of exams I was doing back in May/June).  I was completely over the moon, as I did very very well.  In fact, I got A* in all subjects!  I couldn’t believe the page in front of me.  My Headteacher whisked me and a couple of friends away to talk to the press, as I was the top achiever in the whole school!  It was surreal and I am just so glad all the hard work paid off.

For anyone interested, the subjects I took were:  Maths, English Literature, English Language, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, French, German, Latin Language, Latin Literature, History, Geography, Music and RE.
I even managed 100% in Latin Language and 100% in numerous Science, French, German, Latin, History and Geography modules.

Wow..it does sound like I’m blowing my own trumpet!  Sorry if any of that sounds arrogant or self-absorbed – I am just so happy and wanted to share my news with the great book-bloggers who have constantly offered support and encouragement throughout my exams – thanks a lot!

In reading news, I am still on Dracula and going rather slowly (it is too creepy to read late at night!) but I should be finished with it rather soon.  It has been an unexpected pleasure to read.  Next up is Fantastic Mr Fox by Roald Dahl…but in French!  Should be a nice read.

I hope any of you who have been involved with exams/results are pleased and relieved and that everyone else is having a relaxing August doing some great reading.  🙂