Hello everyone…I feel like I haven’t posted anything in ages!

Well that’s because it has been really busy this last week…and I’m not even too sure why!  I have been doing all sorts of little things and they seem to have built up.  There were some parties, meeting up with friends, watching the US Open, applying for my Provisional Driving Licence, finally starting my summer work and lots more.

Today is the enrolment day for sixth form: I have a short interview around 12 just to check my results were good enough to do the courses I want etc.  Should be fine.  Also one of my friends is leaving for sports college so there is a leaving party tonight which will be both sad and happy at the same time!

All this business seems to have left me basically no time to read.  This is a shame but the days have just flown by and I didn’t even realise until now that I have been reading Fantastique Maitre Renard (Fantastic Mr. Fox in French) for like 5 days now and I’m not finished!  This is pretty poor as the book is very short and includes illustrations!  Well, I will hopefully finish it at some point today.

Up next for me is probably Macbeth, but I am not decided yet and I may turn straight to Middlemarch.  Either way, that will probably take up most of my September reading.  I go back to school next Tuesday and I will probably post my monthly wrap-up tomorrow…so see you then!