The Visible WorldTitle: The Visible World

Author: Mark Slouka

Date Finished: 30/11/12

Re-Read? : First time read

Challenges? : No

Overall: 2/5 – rather bad

Hello everyone, sorry I haven’t posted in ages!  Life has been crazily busy with concerts, schoolwork and lots more.  I have some good news – I passed my driving theory and am insured to practice in my mum’s car now, so that’s exciting.  I hope you are all well and keen to hear about what I have been reading!

Unfortunately, I didn’t enjoy this book – it was all silly and dull!  It jumps around between a young man’s visit to his parents’ native Prague, after living in the USA all his life, this boy’s childhood and his mother’s long-ago love affair.  I thought it sounded like a pretty good story but nothing captured me whatsoever.

The plot was really dull and just didn’t interest me.  This is unusual for me, especially since I’ve started book blogging – I seem to enjoy everything I read!  But yeah, not this.  I don’t know if maybe I just couldn’t really get into the book because I was so busy and then didn’t enjoy it because I didn’t know what was going on?

The characters were also pretty boring and I really didn’t like the boy’s mother (I can’t remember their names!) at all.  Definitely no awards won here for characterisation.

I am going to finish this review now, as I don’t really have much more to say!  I don’t want to put any of you off reading this, as I may have just completely misunderstood the story and subsequently not liked anything – I even skim-read the last 50 pages or so! (Very very rare).  Hopefully my next book (The Hithchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy) will be back to normal in terms of enjoyment!