The House of SilkTitle: The House of Silk

Author: Anthony Horowitz

Date Finished: 13/1/13

Re-Read? : First time read

Challenges? : No

Overall: 4/5 – rather good

I can’t claim to have read a huge amount of Sherlock Holmes stories – only a couple from the first two books and a few on audiobook, but nevertheless I really enjoy the stories and this book was great.

I didn’t know whether to expect a modern setting, such as the Sherlock TV program on BBC1 (which I very much enjoyed) or a Victorian setting like the original books.  It is written exactly like Conan-Doyle and I honestly wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference between this and the originals.  (This is a good thing).

The plot is the stand-out point in this particular Holmes novel – really unlike any I’ve read before.  I loved the intertwining of the two different mysteries and there was plenty to keep me guessing all the way to the end, which is a very important thing in a detective story.

The reason I said that the plot is the stand-out and not the characters is only because we know the characters already!  All our usual friends are there: Holmes, Watson, Lestrade, Mrs Hudson etc.  Horowitz has done very well indeed to capture them all so accurately.  The new characters in this novel fit in well with the usual heroes and villains we are accustomed to in the Sherlock Holmes stories.

I do love the London setting and the diary style from the viewpoint of Watson.  This style is truly unique and is just another one of the things that make Sherlock Holmes novels so popular.  I feel inspired to read more of the stories, as I have barely made a dent in the massive selection that exist!  I will be reading The Hound of the Baskervilles soon for The Classics Club, but I definitely want to buy some of the other collections of stories and find a time to read them.

If you normally like Holmes novels then this is definitely another one to add to your list.  However, if you want to start reading the stories for the first time, I would recommend starting with the first collection and coming to this a bit later, as there isn’t much explanation of who people are etc.