Hi everyone, this post is just to formalise what I have been thinking about recently.  It has been almost a year since I joined The Classics Club and wrote my list of 60 books to read in 5 years.  Since then, I have read 11 out of those 60 and it seems the right kind of time to do a small review of my list.  If any of you don’t know what The Classics Club is, then the blog devoted to it is here.

I don’t like the idea of crossing books off the list before I’ve even tried them, so I have decided to add in some more books as ‘alternatives’.  What I mean is, I have to try to read 60 books within 5 years as normal, but they can be any 60 out of my list, so that I don’t have to read every single book I chose last year if there are some that are too daunting or I just don’t fancy.

I came up with these books usually due to buying them and realising they weren’t on the original list or just because they have cropped up as something I want to read.  Here they are:

Alternative Classics Club Books:

  1. Charlotte Brontë – Shirley
  2. Charles Dickens – Dombey and Son
  3. Charles Dickens – The Pickwick Papers
  4. Stella Gibbons – Conference at Cold Comfort Farm
  5. William Shakespeare – Richard III
  6. William Shakespeare – Two Gentlemen of Verona
  7. Anthony Trollope – The Warden

I bought Shirley in the new PEL editions, not realising it wasn’t on my list; I saw Dombey and Son as a musical-ish version in Bristol and enjoyed it so I wanted to read it; a friend gave me The Pickwick Papers; I enjoyed Cold Comfort Farm and wanted to read something else by Gibbons; I am seeing Richard III and Two Gentlemen of Verona in Bristol in the next few months so I wanted to read them before; I randomly bought The Warden.

Now, I am not saying that this will be my only review of my Classics Club list, as in a year’s time I will probably have a few more books to add on.  For example, if I enjoy The Warden, I am likely to add in more Trollope books and the Shakespeare plays I see next year will probably determine some more to read for that.  I am still really enjoying being part of The Classics Club, as it is a real community and gives a lot of structure and direction to the otherwise enormous and overwhelming number of books we want to read in out lives.

Is anyone else thinking of having a review of their list?  Let me know!