Hello everyone, been a while since I’ve done a weekly wrap-up and I expect to do a February wrap-up soon too, but there is a definite reason why I need to post today.  Basically, one year ago to the day, I started book blogging!  I literally cannot believe it was that long ago – this year has gone very quickly.  I am really pleased with myself for persevering with the blog even when I had loads of exams and at times when I essentially wasn’t reading any books.  It would have been very easy to just let it all go and not be able to start posting again.  So yes, I am proud but I am also very very grateful.  I wouldn’t have lasted one week, let alone one year without all the encouragement and interest that other book bloggers have always given me.  I felt very welcomed and part of the community practically straight away, so thank you!

I think this is definitely a consequence of joining The Classics Club, which united so many book boggers across the world so I am extremely glad I was one of the first members of the club!  I also more recently enjoyed the readathon hosted by the club – it is very pleasing to see it still gaining even more members.  All the challenges, events etc have helped shape and structure my reading which I am very grateful for – with so many books to read, there needs to be some kind of help with which ones to read when!

This week I have been busy as usual, but not over-stressed so I have had a bit of time for reading in the evenings – I am really enjoying my reread of The Host.  It’s a shame there aren’t more days in February, as I’m not really ready for March – we get our exam results next week and then it’s go go go for starting serious work for the next set of exams and some serious decisions about university.  Anyway, I am hoping to finish The Host in the next fortnight and I am not really sure what I will feel like next.  Thanks again for all your continuing encouragement, support and interest; I hope this is the first of many blogoversaries! (..does that exist..?!)