rebeccaTitle: Rebecca

Author: Daphne Du Maurier

Date Finished: 27/06/13

Re-Read? : First time read

Challenges? : Yes – The Classics Club & The Literary Classics

Overall: 4/5 – rather good

I don’t understand where June has gone!  This month has really flown by!  Even though I have been reading pretty much every day (I promise), somehow I have only just finished Rebecca. I have been reading a science book alongside but still, how has it taken me 4 weeks when I have really enjoyed the book?

Anyway, I didn’t know anything about Rebecca before I picked it up, which is always nice but also a bit daunting as you try and understand the story from the start and sort out the characters in your head.  The plot in Rebecca is where is stood out for me, but also where it fell down.  Firstly, the twists (especially the rather major one about 100 pages before the end) where completely unexpected and practically made me gasp out loud!  However, the aspect of the plot that I didn’t like was the moaning!  300 pages of not much action and the heroine whining was probably the reason it took me so long to finish it!

The characters are not too numerous and they are all quite distinct too.  This helps as I didn’t get confused between people, which can often happen in this kind of novel.  Mrs Danvers, Favel and of course Rebecca herself each stood out as totally unique characters who I had never come across before in all the books I’ve read.

Rebecca is a really well written book that made it a really accessible classic.  I would seriously recommend it to all types of readers and I think  it is a book I will re-read in the not too distant future.  The setting of Manderley is so well-known to a Brit like me: only the other weekend I stayed in a former manner home in Devon with its own massive estate and even a private cove for my church weekend away!  Creepy!

This book was also my Classics Club Spin book and I am now really pleased that it came up, even though I was originally a bit disappointed.  This is because I don’t think I would have got round to reading Rebecca for a long time and that would’ve been a shame as I really did enjoy it.  If you fancy a classic read with a great storyline, then Rebecca is the book for you!