LTUAETitle: Life, the Universe and Everything

Author: Douglas Adams

Date Finished: 25/08/13

Re-Read? : First time read

Challenges? : No

Overall: 4/5 – rather good

From listening many times to the radio series of HHGTTG, I already knew that this was my least favourite instalment of the five series, however I still gave it a good 4/5!  That just shows how great these books/radio programmes are!  Thoroughly recommended although you should definitely read books 1 + 2 first to fully appreciate the humour and recognise the characters.

The plot in this book is very good and made more sense to me as I read it, rather than listening to it late at night on audiobook.  The ‘Kikkit’ idea is very clever and extremely funny at times too!  I also like the way Adams manages to weave in old characters and at least slightly tries to make it a little bit plausible!  The amazing thing about this book and the whole series in general is the width and depth of Adams’ different ideas!

The characters are up to scratch here, especially Arthur, Ford and Slartibartfast who we follow for most of the book.  Despite this being my least favourite instalment overall, series 3 does include my favourite scene of the whole ‘trilogy’.  It is when Marvin is trapped in a mattress swamp and begins talking to the mattresses who live there.  It is hysterically funny and very well acted out on the radio but also made me laugh out loud when reading too.

As always, Adams’ writing and inimitable style is a pleasure to read and I am sure it won’t be very long before I get to books 4 and 5!  I am really looking forward to Arthur’s sandwich making escapades and meeting Fenchurch again.  I seriously recommend the whole HHGTTG series to absolutely everyone!