mostly harmlessTitle: Mostly Harmless

Author: Douglas Adams

Date Finished: 21/12/13

Re-Read? : First time read

Challenges? : No

Overall: 5/5 – absolutely fantastic

This is the final instalment in the ever popular Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series and is just as good as all the other books!  I really enjoyed reading this and now it means I can start listening to the radio series again.

The plot in this instalment is definitely hilarious and reasonably complicated but I absolutely love the “sandwich maker” storyline and all the drama involving Trillian/Tricia McMillan and Rupert too was really good.  I have to say that I prefer the ending of the radio series, as it seems to tie everything up together – the book finishes very abruptly and we never find out what happened to Fenchurch etc.

The characters are all at their best – it’s a shame not to see Fenchurch or Zaphod but Random is a great addition to the cast and Arthur and Ford are up to their usual tricks.  Also, I missed Marvin of course!  Again, I thought this book was reasonably different to the radio series, which was quite a good thing and it was also a bit longer than most of the previous books in the series (but still short at only just over 200 pages – I wish they were all a bit longer!).

I am aware that Artemis Fowl writer Eoin Colfer has written a sixth instalment called And Another Thing, which I now intend to read in the future.  I liked the Artemis Fowl books when I was younger so I think I will buy And Another Thing soon and give it a go – I haven’t come across anyone who’s read it so I don’t know what to expect.  What I do know, is that I will be relistening to the radio series of HHGTTG very soon indeed!

Classics Club Readathon #2


It is that time of year again where The Classics Club host their annual readathon – this year it is on the 4th of January and I am excited to take part for the second year running.

Last year I focused on ploughing through some of Charlotte Brontë’s Villete which I thoroughly enjoyed.  This year I am not sure where I’ll be up to with my reading by the 4th but I am hoping to try The Warden by Anthony Trollope – a book which has been on my TBR shelf for ages and I know absolutely nothing about!  Hopefully it will be as great an event as last year and lots of you will all be getting involved!