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May Wrap-Up & June Plans

Wow I’ve managed to write a planning post within the first week of the month!  May has been slightly better than April for reading, although it has gone crazily quickly!  I have had lots of exams and now (hallelujah!) I only have one left.  It’s a shame though, as it’s in two weeks time and all my friends have finished already! Oh well, that’s life!  I am back to school and lessons next week so I thought I would try and post now as I might not have time again for a while.

By the way my classics club spin book is Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier, which I have started and I am enjoying so far.

Here’s what I read in May 2013:

The Code Book – Simon Singh

1984 – George Orwell

This is not very good as I aim to read at least three books every month.  This is the same number of books as I read in April  so at least I haven’t got any worse (if that’s even possible!).  My aim of 1200 pages a month was definitely not fulfilled, as I read only 727 pages – but this is over double what I read in April so it’s ok!
I definitely did not do 30 minutes reading a day, but I actually wasn’t far off!
I did read at least one science book every two months as I read The Code Book.
I did fulfil my at least one classic a month target with 1984 too!
Lastly, I try to stay an active blogger and this was poor too – better than last month but still a lot of improvements to make.

Challenge Progress in April 2013:

The Classics Club :  15/60 books read  (1 this month: 1984) This makes 25%!

At the moment this is my only challenge for 2013 – maybe I will formalise some of my own yearly reading goals into a challenge.

Currently In Progress:

At the moment, I am enjoying Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier and I am about 1/4 of the way through.  I am also loving my latest science read, Periodic Tales by Hugh Aldersey-Williams, which is all about some of the myths, history and traditions of the chemical elements and is so far a great read.

June Plans:

Books: The next three books on my TBR shelf are: The Help, The Amber Spyglass and Suite Francaise.  I really hope to get to The Amber Spyglass but I don’t know about the others.

Challenges:  Rebecca and Suite Francaise are part of my Classics Club list.

Again good luck to everyone with exams (or with friends/family doing exams!) I hope you all do your best and enjoy the rest of the summer.  I tell you, if the weather stays like it is, I won’t even need my holiday to Corsica!  We have had so much sunshine over the past week or so and there has also been the French Open…you can see why I might not have done as much reading as I could have done…nor revision!

FQWU: Results!

Hello everyone…good news!!

Yesterday it was results day in the UK and I was collecting all my GCSE results (I’m sure you remember the rather numerous amount of exams I was doing back in May/June).  I was completely over the moon, as I did very very well.  In fact, I got A* in all subjects!  I couldn’t believe the page in front of me.  My Headteacher whisked me and a couple of friends away to talk to the press, as I was the top achiever in the whole school!  It was surreal and I am just so glad all the hard work paid off.

For anyone interested, the subjects I took were:  Maths, English Literature, English Language, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, French, German, Latin Language, Latin Literature, History, Geography, Music and RE.
I even managed 100% in Latin Language and 100% in numerous Science, French, German, Latin, History and Geography modules.

Wow..it does sound like I’m blowing my own trumpet!  Sorry if any of that sounds arrogant or self-absorbed – I am just so happy and wanted to share my news with the great book-bloggers who have constantly offered support and encouragement throughout my exams – thanks a lot!

In reading news, I am still on Dracula and going rather slowly (it is too creepy to read late at night!) but I should be finished with it rather soon.  It has been an unexpected pleasure to read.  Next up is Fantastic Mr Fox by Roald Dahl…but in French!  Should be a nice read.

I hope any of you who have been involved with exams/results are pleased and relieved and that everyone else is having a relaxing August doing some great reading.  🙂

Friday Quick Wrap-Up

Hello everyone from Majorca! I am having a lovely time in the 30’c heat and really relaxing.

I am aware that it is Saturday not Friday but never mind. As some of you may have remembered, I took maths AS this year (a year early) and I got my results on Thursday…
GOOD NEWS! I got A’s on all 3 modules including 100% in one! I am ecstatic! Thanks to everyone for all the support and hopefully next Thursday will be just as successful (when I get all my GCSE results!)

In reading news, I have finished The Da Vinci Code and am now flicking between French Harry Potter and Dracula.

I hope you’re all enjoying August and I will catch up on both commenting and replying to comments when I am home 🙂

Hello everyone!

It has been so long since I last posted! (Over a week!)  Sorry about that, but I do have my reasons: first and foremost I haven’t finished reading any books.  This is not very good but sometimes a book just takes a long time to finish and that is my situation with The Crow Road.  The second reason I haven’t posted is that the Olympics has taken over my life – I don’t just mean by watching them on TV; I actually managed to go and watch them in London.  What a once in a lifetime experience!

We saw Table Tennis on Friday evening, Athletics on Saturday morning and Women’s Basketball on Sunday evening.  We also went to the Women’s Marathon on Sunday.  Everything was amazing and London just looked brilliant.  Some people have been saying during the Olympics, London has been ‘the capital city of the world‘ and I have to agree.  And of course…well done Team GB!  (Our best performance in an Olympics since 1908!)

So I have not had much time to read and therefore nothing to blog about!  Well I am off to Majorca for a week next Tuesday so hopefully I can get some good reading done then.  I am hoping to post once while I am there because I will get my a-level results!  You may remember I did my maths a-level early (this year; year 11).  I will get the rest of my results (my GCSEs) a week later so expect lots of nerves and a thorough wrap-up post after them, as I know lots of you were so supportive during the exams and will be interested in how they all turned out.

Recently The Classics Club blog has been set up which is making The Classics Club much more dynamic and helps out Jillian a lot who was getting slightly overwhelmed by the enormous amount of members!  Although we will never forget who started the project in the first place!

Anyway, I hope you have all enjoyed the Olympics and have cheered on your country as much as I have and that you can get some great reading done over August.  I leave you with my view from sitting in the Olympic Stadium:

What is going on in my bibliosphere at the moment?

Woooo! ‘Hell Week’ is over!  I am very happy to have done 6 exams this week!! Now time for the last couple, relaxing and reading!

Here is a bit of a breakdown:

  • GCSE Exams: 12 / 14
  • AS Level Exams: 4 / 4  FINISHED!
  • GCSEs done this week: Geography; German Listening; Physics; History; Latin Literature (Verse Selections); Latin Literature (Narratives).
  • AS Levels done this week: None – Finished.

Finally, the worst is over.  6 exams in one week is never fun, but the good thing is, I am almost finished!  Hell Day last Wednesday when I had Physics, History and Latin Literature was definitely hard, and Physics and History both could have gone better, but I am so relieved it is over.  You can all look forward to the end of my exam-orientated posts after next week, as I only have 2 exams left: Geography on Monday and German Reading on Wednesday.  Then it is 6th form induction days on Thursday and Friday, my orchestra’s summer concert on Saturday and then camping with my friends from a week on Monday!  Lots of good things going on.

Now for the books!  This week has been quite a good one in terms of reading, considering the amount of work I’ve had to do – I am almost finished with Great Expectations (like literally a few pages left) and I have really enjoyed it – a post will be up this weekend.  I do love me some Dickens.

Next up is Submarine by Joe Dunthorne which is quite short and about as far from Dickens as you can get, I think.  It will be nice to read something easy!

Have a great week everyone 🙂

P.S Wimbledon starts on Monday WOO!  And England are through to the Quarter Finals of the Euros! 😀

What is going on in my bibliosphere at the moment?

Firstly, I have to apologise for the lack of posts this week: I am very busy with revision and I haven’t finished any books…so that’s why.  (Although I am still reading!)  Slowly but surely I am getting through my exams.

Here is a bit of a breakdown:

  • GCSE Exams: 6 / 14
  • AS Level Exams: 4 / 4  FINISHED!
  • GCSEs done this week: Biology; Chemistry
  • AS Levels done this week: None – Finished.

I like science exams so this week wasn’t too bad, but next week I have 6 exams 😦 😦 😦 so I have been trying to get in some revision for them too.  Next Wednesday I have 3, with Latin Literature clashing with History…I advise people to be cautious around me on that day!

Now for the books!  I have not been keeping up with my reading-revising idea this week, as there has been so much sport to watch!  The Euro Football championships are on so I have been supporting England a lot and watching as many matches as I can.  This has meant less reading time is available…I hope to make up for this when I have finished my exams and have time to spare.

I am still ploughing on with Great Expectations which I am almost 2/3 done with and it is picking up again for me.  I am looking forward to finishing and putting up a post as it counts for a lot of challenges and I know you all will have comments about it!

Hope the Europeans are enjoying the football; have a good week. 🙂

What is going on in my bibliosphere at the moment?

Not much action on the blog this week I’m afraid; I have been very busy with…you guessed it, revision.  It is half term this week and I am trying to cram in a LOT of knowledge for all the content exams I have in the next 3 weeks.  (after that, FREEDOM!)

Reading-wise, I have been enjoying Great Expectations and still reading at least some every day, but my usual revise-and-read tactics are on hold due to the French Open, which I am using as a reward.  I absolutely adore watching tennis and I can’t wait for Wimbledon later on this year.

Therefore, I haven’t really got through a lot of Great Expectations (I am just over a third done) but hopefully that will change this weekend, as it is our church’s parish weekend away.  We are off to Devon today and coming back on Sunday and should be really great.  I will be using the car journey to tackle some more Dickens.

In other news, I saw yet another brilliant classical music concert at the Colston Hall in Bristol this week – (it was a jubilee celebration including Haydn’s Trumpet Concerto, The Lark Ascending by Vaughn Williams and Handel’s The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba amongst many others).  The amazing thing is, for under-18s all the classical concerts at Colston Hall are ONLY £1!!!  It is brilliant for me and a couple of friends who adore both playing and hearing classical music.

I am so looking forward to the summer now, as the weather is (again) terrible and I just want to be free to read all day in the sun!  Fortunately, the end of the exam period is now just about in sight, although I have to get through 10 more exams first.

Well I hope you are all coping if it is exam time for you, and even if I seem to be a bit dormant, blog-wise, don’t fear – I always read the posts from blogs I follow (I get them emailed to me), even if I don’t comment.   Have a nice weekend!

May Wrap-Up and June Plans

Three months book blogging and I am still going strong.  I am really grateful to everyone who has followed/reads my blog and I hope you feel like it’s a two way connection and that I am just as interested in your posts as you are in mine, because believe me I am! 🙂

May has been a very hectic month for me: earlier on, I had my Last Day and Prom which were great and then the exams kicked in…which were not so great.  (You can catch with my exam progress in my Friday Quick Wrap-Up posts.)  But in terms of reading, it has been quite a good month and I am very pleased with what I have achieved.

Here’s what I read in May 2012:

The Shadow of the Wind – Carlos Ruiz Zafón

Catching Fire – Suzanne Collins

The Girl Who Played With Fire – Stieg Larsson

This is good as I aim to read at least three books every month (and I really enjoyed these books).  This was the same number of books as I read in April.  Also, my target of at least one classic every month was not officially fulfilled in May, a I haven’t read any classics, but I read two in April so it works out fine anyway.

Challenge Progress in May 2012:

The Classics Club :  3/60 books read  (None this month)

The Victorian Challenge 2012:  2/6 books read  (None this month)

This isn’t amazing but doesn’t really matter, as I am on target for both challenges as I only need to read a Victorian every 2 months and a classic every month to complete these challenges on time.

In other challenge news, I have recently signed up to Ali’s Literary Classics Reading Challenge, which ties in very nicely with the other challenges I am participating in.  Here is my sign up post

Currently In Progress:

Great Expectations: I am re-reading this as I don’t think I understood it enough to enjoy it when I struggled through it a few years ago, and so far (about 20% through) that is proving to be right – I don’t seem to remember anything except the basic story.

I still have Harry Potter À L’École Des Sorciers – J.K. Rowling, Living French, The Languages Book and Italian For You by my bed, for languages reading, but with my Latin and German GCSEs not complete, this is quite a rarity at the moment (I don’t want to get my languages muddled).  Yes, I am going to teach myself basic Italian grammar and vocabulary over the summer and hopefully enter for a GCSE in it before I leave school – I just think it’s a great language!

June Plans:

Books:  the next three books on my TBR shelf are Submarine – Joe Dunthorne, The Subtle Knife – Philip Pullman and The Time-Traveller’s Wife – Audrey Niffenegger.  Great Expectations may take me a while, although I do have a week’s break this week so (even though levels of revision are high) I should get some reading time.  Therefore, I will probably get round to Submarine and The Subtle Knife, at least.

Challenges:  Great Expectations will count for all three of the challenges I am involved in – The Classics Club, The Victorian Challenge 2012 and The Literary Classics Reading Challenge, which is great.

I hope you’re all looking forward to some (hopefully) warm weather this month and can take some time out to relax with a good book!

What is going on in my bibliosphere at the moment?

Hello everyone, I have now completed my third week of exams and I had two this week.  They were both ones I wasn’t too worried about and they went well so that’s good.  A week off for half term now is very welcome.

Here is a bit of a breakdown:

  • GCSE Exams: 4 / 14
  • AS Level Exams: 4 / 4  FINISHED!
  • GCSEs done this week: Latin Language
  • AS Levels done this week: Critical Thinking

I have finished all my AS exams which is great as I am taking a few early and they were getting in the way of my GCSEs.

Now for the books!  My read a bit revise a bit system is still going very well and I hope it continues.

This week I finished The Girl Who Played With Fire and really enjoyed it, despite it being a re-read. I would recommend seriously recommend the Millennium Trilogy to anyone who hasn’t read it yet!

I am currently reading Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, which is also a re-read for me.  However, I seemed to have missed out on absolutely everything apart from the basic story the first time I read it!  I am enjoying reading about Pip and Miss Havisham again.

On a challenge-based note, I have signed up to The Literary Classics Reading Challenge (my post is here) as it fits in with the other challenges I am involved in really well.  I would recommend you take a look as it is very relevant to members of The Classics Club too.

What is going on in my bibliosphere at the moment?

Hello everyone, I have now completed my second week of exams (although I did only have one this week).  It didn’t go as well as I would’ve hoped, but what can you do? :L  Anyway, I am LOVING the hot weather, even though I am stuck inside revising – I just hope it stays this way for the Olympics and my holidays in the summer.

Here is a bit of a breakdown:

  • GCSE Exams: 3 / 14
  • AS Level Exams: 3 / 4
  • GCSEs done this week: None!
  • AS Levels done this week: Maths Core 2

I can’t believe I have actually done my maths AS – it feels very weird.  (I, along with a few others, took it one year early so we are in a strange situation).

Now for the books!  I have been keeping to the “revise a section or two, read a chapter or two” guide as a reward for revision and it is going very well for me.

This week I finished The Shadow of the Wind and Catching Fire and really enjoyed them both, especially Catching Fire which I couldn’t put down.  I would recommend them both…read my posts to find out why!

I am currently reading Stieg Larsson’s The Girl Who Played With Fire (the second in the hugely successful Millennium Trilogy).  It is a re-read for me and I am loving it again – a brilliantly written and devised thriller with stunning characters…at the right I’m going, a post should be up pretty soon!

I hope everyone in the UK is making the most of this amazing weather and that people in other countries are getting some sun too 🙂