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Hello everyone!

It has been so long since I last posted! (Over a week!)  Sorry about that, but I do have my reasons: first and foremost I haven’t finished reading any books.  This is not very good but sometimes a book just takes a long time to finish and that is my situation with The Crow Road.  The second reason I haven’t posted is that the Olympics has taken over my life – I don’t just mean by watching them on TV; I actually managed to go and watch them in London.  What a once in a lifetime experience!

We saw Table Tennis on Friday evening, Athletics on Saturday morning and Women’s Basketball on Sunday evening.  We also went to the Women’s Marathon on Sunday.  Everything was amazing and London just looked brilliant.  Some people have been saying during the Olympics, London has been ‘the capital city of the world‘ and I have to agree.  And of course…well done Team GB!  (Our best performance in an Olympics since 1908!)

So I have not had much time to read and therefore nothing to blog about!  Well I am off to Majorca for a week next Tuesday so hopefully I can get some good reading done then.  I am hoping to post once while I am there because I will get my a-level results!  You may remember I did my maths a-level early (this year; year 11).  I will get the rest of my results (my GCSEs) a week later so expect lots of nerves and a thorough wrap-up post after them, as I know lots of you were so supportive during the exams and will be interested in how they all turned out.

Recently The Classics Club blog has been set up which is making The Classics Club much more dynamic and helps out Jillian a lot who was getting slightly overwhelmed by the enormous amount of members!  Although we will never forget who started the project in the first place!

Anyway, I hope you have all enjoyed the Olympics and have cheered on your country as much as I have and that you can get some great reading done over August.  I leave you with my view from sitting in the Olympic Stadium:

What is going on in my bibliosphere at the moment?

Hello everyone!  It feels like ages since I last posted, but that is probably due to this past week being the busiest of my life so far!  Unfortunately, you may say, I do not mean in terms of reading.  Basically, it was school year 11 leavers’ week – we had our ‘Celebration Day’ on Thursday morning and our Prom on Thursday evening.  Pretty much all my time between Monday morning and Wednesday evening was spent making my Celebration Day costume (we all dress up).  Here is a picture of me and my friend Rachel dressed as ‘music’:

We painted music symbols and a stave on our shirts (which took soooo long!) and then made huge cardboard, papier-mâché, spray-painted music notes to wear too.  It was all worth it in the end!

In the evening we had Prom, which was really enjoyable and a great way to say goodbye to those friends who are leaving (the majority of my friends are staying on to do a-levels at our sixth form).  Here is a picture of me (all suited and booted) with my date, Kirsten:

All this excitement was followed by a good after-party and I slept till Midday on Friday!!  Hence the ‘Friday Quick Wrap Up’ being on Saturday.  As you have probably already gathered, there was not any time for anything this past week so I have not read much of The Shadow of the Wind, despite the fact that I am really enjoying the story.  I haven’t had time to do any revision either, and I have got 5 exams next week (including 2 AS maths modules), so let’s say no more about that!

I hope you’ve all had a great week and good luck to anyone entering the exam season – students, teachers parents alike, as it’s no fun for any of us!